60th Summer Fancy Food Show (2016)

60th Summer Fancy Food Show (2016)

June 26 – 28, 2016


60th Summer Fancy Food Show:

Come meet us and taste our many specialties: Coppa, Saucisson Sec, Rosette de Lyon, Chorizo d’España, Shelf Stable Pâté de Campagne, Duck Rillettes, French Cassoulet . All-natural pâtés, mousses, galantines, rillettes, sausages, smoked, dried and cured meats, specialty meats, foie gras, en croute pâtés and more!

Products are available for foodservice and in 7-ounce retail packs.
All our products are made adhering to the company’s strict supplier guidelines and with the finest ingredients, with no preservatives, coloring agents, nitrites or artificial ingredients.

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