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Fine Cheese & Charcuterie

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Truffle butters & Truffle mousse, by Fabrique Délices

“It’s always truffle season at Fabrique Délices. First, they have Black Truffle Butter and White Truffle Butter. Both are made from Beurre de Baratte, a luscious French butter that is delicious with or without truffles. These truffle butters are great additions to any red meats, fish or lobster, pasta, risotto, baked & mashed potatoes, steamed or sautéed vegetables as well as the perfect savory finishing touch to any sauce. Also, their classic Truffle Mousse is a great addition to any charcuterie and/or cheese assortment. They are made with chicken livers, both truffles and cèpes (porcini in Italy), all marinated in Sherry wine. Be sure and stop by for a taste of truffles as well as the rest of their outstanding line of authentic French charcuterie.”

Black Truffle Butter - RetailTruffle Mousse - Retail

Flatbread Crackers by Fabrique Délices

“Great charcuterie needs a great cracker and our friends at Fabrique Délices are introducing some very fine artisan, oven-baked Flatbread Crackers. These crackers are made using only the finest ingredients. Lightly flavored with some organic olive oil and grey salt they will not overpower your toppings. That’s why they are the best partner for charcuterie and cheese. Try them with Fabrique Délices truffle mousse, duck mousse, duck rillettes, saucisson sec and many more.”

Flatbread Crackers

Fabrique Délices’ roving reporter and charcuterie expert Stella Espinasse

“Putting together great charcuterie assortments is fun and easy, and instructing your customers how to do it can be very good for your charcuterie business. Here is another video from Fabrique Délices’ roving reporter and charcuterie expert Stella Espinasse (Sebastien’s daughter), this time at one of San Francisco’s favorite wine bars.”

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