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Our reporter Stella will start her tour in California!



Charcuterie-Making Class at The Cheese School of San Francisco – October 2016

The Cheese School of San Francisco organized a Charcuterie-Making class.

During this 3-hours class led by Sebastien Espinasse and our chef Antonio Pinheiro, students learned how to make pâté and duck rillettes.

And they did a great job!
Watch Lily-Rose’s video to know more about this amazing class!

The Cheese School of San Francisco

2124 FOLSOM STREET SAN FRANCISCO, CA  94110  – (415) 346 – 7530

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youtube_cheeseschool2 picturewebsite



 Meet Désirée, at  Vines Wine Shop & Bar – September 2016 San Anselmo

Have you heard about this new wine shop in Marin County?

Vines Wine Shop & Bar just opened in San Anselmo!

Vines offers wine from local vineyards and around the world…. and they also serve enticing Cheese and Charcuterie boards!

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Vines Wine Shop & Bar

906 SIR FRANCIS DRAKE BLVD, SAN ANSELMO, CA 94960(415) 521 – 5500

vines-wine-shop-and-bar_video Vines Wine Shop and Bar


 Meet Mikael, at Cocotte – August 2016 San Francisco

Are you looking for tender slow- roasted dishes, savory sauces and filling sides?

Cocotte has created a unique menu to exceed the palates’ desires.

It includes original dishes such as beef Wellington, coq au vin, foie gras mi cuit, organic roasted chicken.

Our reporter Stella interviewed the Executive Chef and co-owner: Mikael Audry.

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1521 HYDE STREET, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94109 – (415) 292-4415




 Meet Corinne and Thierry, from France Délices- July 2016

Have you ever try Frances Delices grilled sausage sandwiches and other specialties?

If not, you should !

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France Delices


G Food Truck – 2nd & Harrison Thursday 11AM to 2PM
Spark Social SF – 4th & Mission Bay Boulevard North Tuesday every other week 11AM to 3PM (July 12, July 26, August 9, August 23 …)
Spark Social SF – 4th & Mission Bay Boulevard North Friday every other week 11AM to 3PM (July 8, July 22, August 5, August 19 …)
Red Hill Shopping Center – San Anselmo Tuesday every other week 5PM to 9PM (July 5 , July 19 , August 2 , August 16 …)
Farmers’ Market – Civic Center, San Rafael Sunday 8AM to 1PM


FranceDelices_Video LilyRose_FranceDelices_Video


Le comptoir

 Meet Stephen, at Le Comptoir – June 2016 San Rafael

Have your heard about the new restaurant Le Comptoir (“The Counter”) in San Rafael ?

Actually, it’s much more than a restaurant:

it’s a Bistrot, Rotisserie and Epicerie inspired by traditional French cuisine.

Our reporter Stella interviewed Stephen at his new restaurant “Le Comptoir”.

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Le Comptoir

1301 4th St @ C St – SAN RAFAEL, CA 94901 – (415) 454-5454



Lycée Français de San Francisco

 Charcuterie Class, during La semaine du Goût at Le Lycée Français – February 2016 Sausalito


Le Lycée Français de San Francisco organized cooking classes during “La Semaine du Goût” (Tasting week).

All grades cooked delicious french meals such as quiches, apple cake, pain d’épices and chipolatas!

We had the pleasure to organize a Charcuterie Class with the CM2.

Children learned how to make Chipolata (Bistro Sausage).

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Charcuterie Class video Pictures




 Meet Nick, at Bisou – December 2015 San Francisco


Affectionately known as “the Kissing Chef,” Nick Ronan opened “Bisou” (French for “kiss”)

a french restaurant serving French cuisine with a Californian accent.

Our reporter Stella interviewed Nick to know more about him and Bisou Bistronomy.

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Bisou Bistronomy SF

2367 MARKET STREET – SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94114 – (415) 556-6200

Youtube video_Bisou Charcuterie plate




La Fromagerie

 Meet Ruben & Aymeric, at La Fromagerie – November 2015 San Francisco


Opened by two native Frenchmen, La Fromagerie offers a great selection of international cheeses, locally-made charcuterie (yes, that’s us!), freshly baked breads but also delicious gourmet sandwiches and salads.

Our reporter Stella interviewed Ruben and Aymeric to know more about La Fromagerie and their success story !

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La Fromagerie:  2 locations in San Francisco

La Fromagerie, DOGPATCH:  2425 3rd St San Francisco, CA 94107 Ph: 415 864 5002

La Fromagerie, MONTGOMERY: 101 Montgomery St San Francisco, CA 94104 Ph: 415 910 5666

Youtube video_Screenshot v2 Stella and Lily-Rose at La Fromagerie



Lycée Français de San Francisco

 Meet Anna-Gaëlle and Eva-Marie, during La semaine du Goût at Le Lycée Français – October 2015- San Francisco


Educating taste – particularly in childhood – is the key to a balanced, healthy and diverse diet.

That’s why each year the tasting week (Semaine du Goût) is held in mid-October in France, but not only!

Throughout the week, chefs, producers and artisans are mobilized to convey to the public the art of gastronomy.

Le Lycée Français de San Francisco organized a “Marché du Goût” were many food professionals came out to delight and educate children’s taste buds.

Our reporter Stella interviewed Anna-Gaëlle and Eva-Marie to know more about the tasting week.

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La Semaine du Goût, Lycée Français de San Francisco Semaine du gout



Chateau potelle

 Meet Jean-Noel Fourmeaux, owner of VGS Chateau Potelle Winery September 2015- Napa Valley


It’s Harvest Time !
Our reporter Stella woke up really early to meet Jean-Noel and his team at Chateau Potelle (California).

She wanted to know EVERYTHING about wine. Why? Because wine is charcuterie’s best friend!

Do you want to know why do they harvest grapes at night?
Where does alcohol come from?

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Meet Jean-Noel Jean-Noel team




Logo Cheese Plus

 Meet Ray Bair, owner of Cheese Plus store – August 2015- San Francisco


Located on Polk Street (San Francisco, CA) Cheese Plus not only sells cheeses, but also traditional charcuterie, exotic wines,  American craft beers, delicious specialty foods etc.

They feature independent food artisans like Fabrique Délices to offer unique products.

Stella, our Fabrique Délices reporter met Ray Bair to ask him a couple of questions about his store.

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Screenshot video  Recette-Bacon-Sandwich  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA